Guide — GamifyClub Incubator Sale (21st Oct at 12:00 UTC)

Hi Intersola community!

Today we are pleased to announce the first sale for the second Intersola Incubator Program project: GamifyClub!

After a long wait (and we thank you for your support during this time), the GamifyClub team have made amazing progress through the past few months. We have been in frequent contact with the team as they pull together the pieces required to build their all-in-one Solana Metaverse hub. We now feel the time is right to provide the first opportunity for the community to secure their early access to the Club. Intersola will be running a dual-sale process for GamifyClub:

  • Incubator Sale — 21st of October at 12:00 UTC
  • Public Sale — TBD

This will be the first Intersola sale to include a ‘FCFS for Stakers’ round! The first round (exclusive round for ISOLA stakers to spend their Guaranteed Allocation) will occur as per normal for 20 minutes, followed by a ‘FCFS for Stakers’ round which will allow ISOLA stakers to buy up to 3x their original allocation on a FCFS basis. The public round will occur after another 20 minutes as per normal.

With today’s announcement, we would also like the take the opportunity to more formally introduce GamifyClub to those who haven’t been keeping up, and why they’re set to change the game for GameFi on Solana.

Introduction to GamifyClub

What is GamifyClub

GamifyClub is the all-in-one hub for the Solana Metaverse — supporting the growth of games & the potential of players.

A single platform to enhance your play-to-earn gaming experience: For players, guilds, investors & project owners. Your club for game finance.

The team have put together an amazing introduction to the project through their whitepaper available here and on their Product Centre. Please see these resources for greater detail on the project.

Product Ecosystem

At it’s core, GamifyClub are building an ecosystem of products that enhance play-to-earn gaming experiences as well as supporting the growth of games themselves. This ecosystem will grow over time, however is initially cantered around three core products:

  • Metaverse Marketplace — Bringing the Steam marketplace to the Metaverse. Allows players & speculators to trade gaming NFT items in a deep liquidity pool, with buyers and sellers across different game titles, all in one place
  • Guild Integrator — A purpose built control centre for guilds and those running scholarship programs. Players will be able to find new guilds across a number of games to join in action at minimal cost
  • GameFi Launchpad — Get early access to new play-to-earn game launches, GameFi projects and loot drops!

GamifyClub is built for all participants in the growing Solana Metaverse, ensuring that there is one central place that will grow in value as more participants join. The audience of players and investors generated by GamifyClub will in turn, attract more games & guilds, which will then simultaneously attract more users, in a feedback loop. This network effect will ensure that the platform will continue to grow in value and allow further GameFi related services to be built on in the future.

For Players

  • Participate in guilds to enhance your earning potential
  • Tap into the liquidity of the marketplace to reap the spoils, to get a leg up over your opponents
  • Find out about the hottest new games before they release

For Guilds

  • Manage and administer your guilds using our guild management tools — no more spreadsheets!
  • Attract new players to your guild via our inclusive community
  • Support your players by scooping up the best items on the marketplace


  • Be the first to support and take a slice of the hottest new play-to-earn games in the Solana Metaverse
  • Speculate on the growth of in-game items on the marketplace


  • Access an engaged audience of players, guilds & investors to give your project the greatest chances of success

Other Important Info

What is the revenue model — Fees will be collected from all of the platform products, however paid by different market participants for example: transaction fees and a cut of the royalties from the Marketplace, monthly fees for the Guild Integrator & a commission charged on the Launchpad.

GamifyClub Ecosystem Value Capture

This is important as token stakers receive a percentage of revenue generated across the platform, regardless of which product they are using!

GMFC token utility — GamifyClub is releasing and integrating their own SPL token $GMFC to help bootstrap the project and grow the ecosystem. Token utility will primarily come from GMFC staking which will entitle stakers to a % of all revenue generated across the platform. In addition there will be product specific utility which are outlined here.

Roadmap — The initial roadmap and product release schedule is slated to be complete in Q2 2022. At this stage, the ecosystem is expected to be fully functioning across all three main pillars, before development focus shifts to providing additional services that enhance the user experience of players & guilds. The long-term vision however is to explore providing additional DeFi products that service this new influx of users to the crypto world outside of play-to-earn gaming.

Partners — Over the next week until the sale, GamifyClub will be rollout more info on their key partners and early backers.

Why did we select GamifyClub for the Intersola Incubator?

The decision to select GamifyClub started with our initial meetings with the team. We have been in contact with the founders as a result of some development work we were discussing that they assist with, and this conversation naturally evolved into some of the emerging trends we were seeing not only in the wider crypto universe, but specifically the growth of play-to-earn games on Solana.

In fact we were so impressed that we made the decision to provide seed funding to GamifyClub to support their early development, particularly as we saw demo’s of their previous work with guild tools.

The world of play-to-earn gaming and GameFi is reaching a point of real and explosive growth. With this comes a fragmentation of the ecosystem as projects rush to build what’s hot at the time. What this results in, is a confusing mess of disparate products that often lack points of differentiation with each other. By centralising this interest in one place and providing strong incentives for users to be aligned with all participants in the ecosystem, we are confident in GamifyClub’s ability to drive the network effect and increase value to a greater extent than a specialised product with a single token.

At Intersola we like to focus on projects that help grow the Solana ecosystem as a whole and this is something we have been discussing since we first launched. GamifyClub is well placed to become an important force in the play-to-earn gaming world and to become a trusted partner for users, guilds, investors & games alike.


GamifyClub Tokenomics as at Oct 21
GamifyClub Token Distribution

Incubator Sale Guide — 21st October at 12:00 UTC

Important Dates

Please take note of the following dates for the upcoming Incubator Sale:

  • 20th Oct at 12:00 UTC — ISOLA staking deadline, SOL:USD peg and final SOL:ISOLA price is set, users will be able to check their allocations via connecting to the pool
  • 21st Oct at 12:00 UTC — Incubator Sale launch begins, and the pool is open for 24 hours (unless allocation is exhausted)
  • 22nd Oct at 12:00 UTC — Incubator Sale closes (if allocation remains)
  • TGE / Token Claiming — TBD

If you’re already staked, you don’t need to do anything! No need un-stake and re-stake at all. Also please note you should remain staked throughout the sale to ensure you don’t miss out on any allocation.

How To Take Part in the Sale

The Incubator Sale will occur on the 21st of October at 12:00 UTC. A total of 1.2m tokens will be available at a price of $0.5 USD (pegged to SOL 24 hours prior to the sale date), with 10% unlocked on TGE then 10% per month. This sale will be run as normal and as described here with one change — the inclusion of the 20 minute ‘FCFS for Stakers’ round.

Simply stake your $ISOLA prior to 24 hours before the sale date (20th of October 12:00 UTC) to get your Guaranteed Allocation. Staking will allow you access to the first two rounds, otherwise, the FCFS round will be open to the public.

What is my Guaranteed Allocation?

Your guaranteed allocation will be provided from the 20th of October at 12:00 UTC, by going to the correct pool page, and connecting your wallet. You will be able to see your Exclusive Round allocation here which applies to the first 20 minutes of the sale — your Guaranteed Allocation.

Your Guaranteed Allocation may not show up immediately, please wait a few hours and check again.

The FCFS Round allocation will be 3x your Guaranteed Allocation. The Total Allocation refers to the maximum amount available to anyone in the FCFS round.

How do I buy?

Taking part in the sale is the same as any of the previous projects on Intersola with one small change, and a full guide is available here — look for the Sale Walkthrough.

  1. Exclusive Round — When the sale begins, there will be a 20 minute period where ISOLA stakers may buy up to their Guaranteed Allocation amount
  2. FCFS for Stakers Round — If there is any unsold allocation after the first 20 minutes, the FCFS for stakers round will begin and ISOLA stakers will be able to purchase up to 3x their Guaranteed Allocation on a FCFS basis until allocation is exhausted
  3. FCFS Round — If there is any unsold allocation after the 40 minutes, the FCFS round will begin and be open to the public on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis until the allocation is exhausted or the 24 hour sale period has finished

What if I’m not an ISOLA staker?

Please be prepared with SOL in your wallet to have a shot at securing GMFC in the FCFS phase of the sale. This round will be open to all participants regardless of ISOLA staking balance.

Full Sale Details

  • Date and time — Incubator: 21st of October at 12:00 UTC (noon)
  • ISOLA Staking deadline — Incubator: 20th of October at 12:00 UTC
  • Token claim date and time — TBD
  • Location — Our website
  • GMFC available for sale — Incubator: 1,200,000
  • Price per token — Incubator: $0.50 USD
  • Raise currency — SOL, pegged 24 hours prior to the sale

Guarantee Your Allocation

Guarantee your spot in the action for upcoming IDO’s by securing ISOLA and increase your Tier to increase your pool weighting!

ISOLA is Available on Raydium

The Intersola token is required to secure your Guaranteed Allocation into GamifyClub and future IDO’s. You may purchase this directly on Raydium by following the simple steps here.

Follow the official Intersola and GamifyClub channels


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Telegram Announcements






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