Guide — SolChicks Public Sale (26th Nov at 12:00 UTC)

Hi Intersola community!

Today we are more than excited to announce that we have secured an allocation in the Public Sale IDO for SolChicks! We will be hosting a Public Sale for $CHICKS tokens on Friday the 26th of November at 12:00 UTC right here on Intersola.

SolChicks is a leading NFT powered fantasy play-to-earn game, brought to you by the same world-class team that brought us classics such as Maplestory, PUBG, Dungeon Fighter & Tera.

Intersola is honoured to be part of the SolChicks IDO process, and hope you the community, share our enthusiasm for their multiplayer RPG that you can try today!

Introduction to SolChicks

What is SolChicks

SolChicks represents a revolution in NFT gaming — with the vision to be the leading fantasy NFT PvP and P2E gaming ecosystem on Solana. The game is a MMORPG / MOBA game built around the SolChick NFT collectibles, where players use their SolChicks as their characters in a unique gaming metaverse.

10,000 unique SolChick NFT’s with 5 rarity tiers

These unique NFT’s are capped at 10k, each with their own unique design and rarity tiers based on traits. Importantly, SolChicks will include a play-to-earn model favoured by many blockchain/NFT based games being launched similar to Axie Infinity.

Play-to-earn Elements

Players are able to earn from their gameplay from the following methods:

  • Earning SolCoins (ingame currency) that can be used in-game
  • Earning in-game rewards (NFT’s) that are tradeable on real world exchanges
  • Earning $CHICKS tokens through weekly leaderboard / MMR rankings
  • Breeding new SolChicks by spending SolCoins and $CHICKS to breed new SolChicks and selling them

Team & Achievements to Date

SolChicks achievements

The team behind SolChicks has been incredibly effective and efficient in what they’ve managed to achieve since they began the project, with an extremely strong list of investors & partners and incredible success with building their game and community. In addition SolChicks has hired a blue-chip game development team (0XPLAY) from Korea, which has experience with MMORPG’s and other games such as battle-royales.



All the following information comes from the SolChicks team and is accurate to the best of our ability.

$CHICKS Tokenomics
Vesting Schedule
Token Distribution Schedule

Public Sale Guide — 26th November at 12:00 UTC

Important Dates

Please take note of the following dates for the upcoming Public Sale:

  • 25th Nov at 12:00 UTC — ISOLA staking deadline, SOL:USD peg and final SOL:CHICKS price is set, users will be able to check their allocations via connecting to the pool
  • 26th Nov at 12:00 UTC — Public Sale launch begins, and the pool is open for 24 hours (unless allocation is exhausted)
  • 27th Nov at 12:00 UTC — Public Sale closes (if allocation remains)
  • TGE / Token Claiming — TBD

If you’re already staked, you don’t need to do anything! No need un-stake and re-stake at all. Also please note you should remain staked throughout the sale to ensure you don’t miss out on any allocation.

How To Take Part in the Sale

The Public Sale will occur on the 26th of November at 12:00 UTC. A total of 4,000,000 tokens will be available at a price of $0.05 USD (pegged to SOL 24 hours prior to the sale date), with 25% unlocked at the TGE then linear vesting over 3 months. This sale will be run as normal and as described here.

Simply stake your $ISOLA prior to 24 hours before the sale date to get your Guaranteed Allocation. Staking will allow you access to the first two rounds, otherwise, the FCFS round will be open to the public.

What is my Guaranteed Allocation?

Your guaranteed allocation will be provided from the 25th of November at 12:00 UTC, by going to the correct pool page, and connecting your wallet. You will be able to see your Exclusive Round allocation here which applies to the first 20 minutes of the sale — your Guaranteed Allocation.

Your Guaranteed Allocation may not show up immediately, please wait a few hours and check again.

The FCFS Round allocation will be 3x your Guaranteed Allocation. The Total Allocation refers to the maximum amount available to anyone in the FCFS round.

How do I buy?

Taking part in the sale is the same as the prior project sale on Intersola and a full guide is available here — look for the Sale Walkthrough.

  1. Exclusive Round — When the sale begins, there will be a 20 minute period where ISOLA stakers may buy up to their Guaranteed Allocation amount
  2. FCFS for Stakers Round — If there is any unsold allocation after the first 20 minutes, the FCFS for stakers round will begin and ISOLA stakers will be able to purchase up to 3x their Guaranteed Allocation on a FCFS basis until allocation is exhausted
  3. FCFS Round — If there is any unsold allocation after the 40 minutes, the FCFS round will begin and be open to the public on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis until the allocation is exhausted or the 24 hour sale period has finished

What if I’m not an ISOLA staker?

Please be prepared with SOL in your wallet to have a shot at securing CHICKS in the FCFS phase of the sale. This round will be open to all participants regardless of ISOLA staking balance.

Full Sale Details

  • Date and time — 26th of November at 12:00 UTC (noon)
  • ISOLA Staking deadline — 25th of November at 12:00 UTC
  • Token claim date and time — TBD
  • Location — Our website
  • CHICKS available for sale — 4,000,000 CHICKS
  • Price per token — $0.05 USD
  • Raise currency — SOL, pegged 24 hours prior to the sale

Guarantee Your Allocation

Guarantee your spot in the action for upcoming IDO’s by securing ISOLA and increase your Tier to increase your pool weighting!

ISOLA is Available on Raydium

The Intersola token is required to secure your Guaranteed Allocation into SolChicks and future IDO’s. You may purchase this directly on Raydium by following the simple steps here.

Follow the official Intersola and SolChicks channels


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