Guide — SolDate Private Sale (10th Sept 12:00 UTC)

Hi Intersola community! We know you’re excited about the upcoming SolDate dual-sale process on Intersola, so we are providing an update as to how tomorrow’s Private Sale will run to ensure no-one leaves disappointed.

The SolDate Private Sale will occur at 12:00 UTC (midday), on the 10th of September 2021 (Friday).

For a full run-down of who SolDate is as well as why and how we are running a dual-sale process, please read our original article here.

Important Dates

Please take note of the following dates regarding the SolDate Private Sale.

  • 9th Sept at 12:00 UTC — ISOLA staking deadline, SOL:USD peg and final SOL:ISOLA price is set, users will be able to check their allocations via connecting to the pool
  • 10th Sept at 12:00 UTC — Private Sale launch begins, and the pool are open for 24 hours (unless allocation is exhausted)
  • 11th Sept at 12:00 UTC — Private Sale closes (if allocation remains)
  • 16th Sept at 12:00 UTC — The first distribution will be available through the pool page on Intersola. Later distributions will be claimable via Solminter

In addition to this, the Public Sale will occur on the 15th of September at 12:00 UTC! If you miss out on the Private Sale, you will have another shot. Simply stake your ISOLA before the 14th of September at 12:00 UTC. If you are already staked, you do NOT need to unstake and stake again.

How to Take Part in the Sale

The Private Sale will occur on the 10th of September at 12:00 UTC. A total of 10m tokens will be available at a price of $0.027 USD (0.0001298 SOL via SOL:ISD pegged 24 hours prior to sale at $208), with 20% unlocked on TGE and then 20% monthly thereafter. There are two ways to gain access to the Exclusive Round, users will only need to gain access through ONE method:

  1. Whitelisted via SolDate — SolDate will be rewarding dedicated supporters through a whitelist program, running from the 5th — 7th of September; OR
  2. ISOLA Stakers — Once staking is launched on the 8th, users will need to stake their ISOLA before the 9th of September at 12:00 UTC

What pool am I in?

So once sale day is here, the process is quite simple however you will need to be aware of which pool you are in. Please ensure you pick the right pool based on how you achieved your Guaranteed Allocation.

We have split the pool 50/50, with 5m tokens available in each pool. Both pools will be available to the public after 20 minutes into the sale, and anyone will be able to purchase from either pool during the public round.

What is my Guaranteed Allocation?

Your guaranteed allocation will be provided from the 9th of September at 12:00 UTC, by going to the correct pool you’re allocated to, and connecting your wallet. You will be able to see your Exclusive Round allocation here which applies to the first 20 minutes of the sale — your Guaranteed Allocation.

Your Guaranteed Allocation may not currently be showing up, please wait a few hours and check again.

The Total Allocation refers to the maximum amount available to anyone in the FCFS round.

How do I buy?

Taking part in the sale is the same as any of the previous projects on Intersola, and a full guide is available here — look for the Sale Walkthrough.

  1. Exclusive Round — When the sale begins, there will be a 20 minute period where ISOLA stakers & SolDate whitelisted users may buy up to their Guaranteed Allocation amount
  2. FCFS Round — If there is any unsold allocation after the 20 minutes, the FCFS round will begin and be open to the public on a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis until the allocation is exhausted or the 24 hour sale period has finished

What if I’m not whitelisted or an ISOLA staker?

Please be prepared with SOL in your wallet to have a shot at securing DATE in the FCFS phase of the sale. This round will be open to all participants regardless of whitelist or ISOLA holding.

Remember to check for leftover FCFS allocation in BOTH POOLS!

Full Sale Details

  • Date and time — Private: 10th of September, 12pm (noon) UTC time / Public: 15th of September, 12 pm (noon) UTC time
  • ISOLA Staking deadline — Private: 9th of September, 12pm (noon) UTC time / Public: 14th of September, 12 pm (noon) UTC time
  • Location — Our website
  • DATE available for sale — Private: 10,000,000 / Public: 2,000,000
  • Price per token — Private: $0.027 USD (0.0001298 SOL via SOL:ISD pegged 24 hours prior to sale at $208) / Public: $0.029 USD
  • Raise currency — SOL, pegged 24 hours prior to each sale

Guarantee Your Allocation

Guarantee your spot in the action for upcoming IDO’s by securing ISOLA and increase your Tier to increase your pool weighting!

ISOLA is Available on Raydium

The Intersola token is required to secure your Guaranteed Allocation into SolDate and future IDO’s. You may purchase this directly on Raydium by following the simple steps here.

Follow the official Intersola and SolDate channels


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