Intersola Roadmap Update (Sept 21) — Permissionless Pools

Roadmap Going Forward

Hi Intersola community!

As we discussed in the September Intersola Development Update, we have some fundamental changes to our sale process coming up. The response has been quite well received and we’ve taken steps to restructure our development roadmap to accomodate this. We’re like to provide an update below as to when to expect these changes.

In addition however, we are particularly excited to unveil the next major phase of the Intersola journey: permissionless pools!

Permissionless Pools

Intersola permissionless pools allow prospective projects to initiate and run launchpad pools on our platform. This is a disruptive feature that will bring increase the quantity and quality of projects launching in the Solana ecosystem.

Decentralization is important to us as a crypto project, and our next phase of development will be centred around this. Centralization is important in the early stages of a project as the base building blocks of the platform need to be built with care and with a speed of decision making. We view open platforms however as being the future — from defi to gamefi/p2e, we are seeing the incoming explosion of empowerment of the user & the community.

Getting accepted into a launchpad is a market signal — that due diligence has been performed to a required degree and that the project is inherently safe. Whilst we also speak about this, ultimately people behind the platform can be infallible — this has been true for SolPad who learnt this the hard way.

We believe that by building this feature, we are able to tap into the wisdom of the crowd — with users able to vote and provide their own due diligence to projects. Of course, this will be backed up by guardrails to prevent against easy-rugs by still requiring Assure Defi KYC and ensuring liquidity and other tokens are locked to their schedules in their token metrics via Solminter.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this new innovation in the launchpad world, of course, built on Solana. More details on how this will exactly work as well as key features to come!

Near-term Roadmap & Timing

The following dates are indicative and subject to changes depending on testing.

  • Oct 1st — FCFS round for ISOLA stakers
  • Oct 1st — Reduced Total Allocation limits
  • Dec 2021— Tier 1 staking limit increase (400 -> 1k)
  • Dec 2021— Permissionless pools launch
  • Dec 2021— Permissionless pools admin platform
  • Dec 2021 — Pool voting
  • Q1 2022— Direct lock in Solminter

Guarantee Your Allocation

Guarantee your spot in the action for upcoming IDO’s by securing ISOLA and increase your Tier to increase your pool weighting!

ISOLA is Available on Raydium

The Intersola token is required to secure your Guaranteed Allocation into Solbank and future IDO’s. You may purchase this directly on Raydium by following the simple steps here.

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