Intro to Intersola — Launchpad & Insights for the Solana Universe


We here at the team are proud to formally announce the unveiling of Intersola — a launchpad and insights platform for the fast growing Solana universe.

Our mission is to connect early stage contributors with Solana-based project owners and to provide comprehensive tools to help build a winning portfolio.

Why Solana and why now?

Solana is a fast growing ecosystem that has yet to experience the same boom in decentralized application (dapp) growth as competing ecosystems such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. This is about to change as the building blocks are coming into place, as well as a recently reported $314 million investment in Solana Labs. Projects are beginning to migrate onto and build dapps on the Solana blockchain, which will likely result in a ‘noisy’ environment where many projects will be vying for attention.

Intersola is committed to supporting and working with tier-1 projects only, contributing to the healthy development of the Solana universe. We have zero tolerance for projects that do not meet our stringent listing requirements and believe that careful curation will benefit all stakeholders resulting in the most trusted Solana launchpad in market.

What are we trying to achieve

Our core initial product will be the Launchpad / Initial Dex Offering (IDO) platform for the most promising and safest projects launching in the Solana ecosystem.

  • Early stage contributors will have an opportunity to be the first to market and support projects with piece of mind that projects have been vetted to prevent rugs, and also have the right support to achieve liquidity via DEX listings instantly
  • Projects will have access to true Solana early adopters to help build a real community beyond speculators and the support needed see success
  • Dark pools to help facilitate the liquid exchange of Launchpad project tokens resulting in decreased price impact and slippage; benefiting both contributors and the backing projects

In addition we will also be launching comprehensive Solana charting and insights tools to support contributors. These tools will allow users to:

  • Search and find trending and hot trading pairs with ease
  • Track trading action and price movement in real time, as well as Telegram API’s to allow bots to present real time alerts
  • Analyze and identify trends and patterns including whale watcher tools and more
  • Profit against users who are trading ‘blind’ without Solana trading tools


Development Milestones

Intersola has been in development since Q1 this year, and we have made great progress in raising funding to support development and marketing of the platform. We are currently confirming terms of the fundraising (see below for more info) and finalising and testing the platform prior to our beta platform launch.

Introducing the $ISOLA token

Building a fair launchpad platform that supports our own early adopters has led us to develop the Intersola Token $ISOLA on the SOL network. We believe this is the best option to operate the launchpad, run competitions, provide fair allocation and provide other services down the track.

Users of Intersola who wish to contribute to projects on our launchpad will be required to hold and stake $ISOLA at various tiered thresholds in order to achieve guaranteed allocation into the live IDO. More details as to the exact tiers and thresholds will be provided in the near future, however we are certain that this will result in the fairest distribution possible for our users and the projects themselves.


Tokenomics as of June 2021

The team has been hard at work locking in seed and private investors who are aligned with our long-term vision and will provide support for the project as we grow. The seed round is currently filled and we are currently finalising the private round. We’d like to provide our thanks for the support we’ve received thus far from interested parties and will endeavour to provide an update this week as to the finalisation.

$ISOLA will also proudly become the first project to launch on Intersola — with our TGE and IDO to begin in early-July. More details to come as to how to participate, so please ensure you are following us on our social channels and Telegram to be alerted.

Follow us to stay informed

Intersola is committed to our vision to provide a mutually beneficial, fair and trustworthy launchpad for Solana. We are excited to share our journey with the community as we enter the next phase of the development of the Solana universe. We look forward to sharing more about our own $ISOLA launch, roadmap, tokenomics and first launch projects very shortly!

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